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The Catechetical Programs of Our Lady of Lourdes are based on the belief that religious education and formation is a life long process which begins with the loving touch of the parents and continues to grow and is nurtured by the many relationships in an individual's life.

Therefore, we strive to support and assist parents in their role as primary catechists, that is, as the first and most important teachers of their children in the ways of our faith.

As our children live and worship in the faith community of Our Lady of Lourdes parish, they are being catechized by the praying, believing and serving members of our parish community. Our catechists share their faith experience in our Roman Catholic tradition and plan and lead activities so that our children may understand the Christian message; experience personal prayer and public worship; and participate in the Church community.

We believe that together, catechists, community members and family, journey with the children as they begin their life-long process of building a relationship with God and the Church. We believe that learning about God and sharing His love should be a wonderful experience and we treat that faith as the sacred gift it is.

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Grades 1-6 Program Options

schoolTraditional Classroom Model

Children in Grades 1 – 6 meet in-person weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons from 4-5:15PM.  Children and Catechists (teachers) gather in Pollard Hall at 4:00PM for a mini lesson and opening prayer, and then go to their classrooms.  A calendar will be released in August. Children are allowed 3 absences for sickness.

houseFamily Faith Formation Program

Children in Grades 1 – 6 and their parents must attend 5 required Sunday in-sessions that will include the 11:30AM Mass until 2PM. After the 11:30AM Mass, families will congregate in the Church near the altar for lessons and activities. Home lessons are also assigned for each child on a monthly basis and should be completed as a family. Home assignments for each lesson will be posted in google classroom. If a family misses a session, due to illness, they will be required to attend a makeup session in May.

**Families who choose this program must be committed to attending the 5 family sessions and completing the home lessons.



Grades 7 and 8

7th and 8th graders will be required to attend 2 monthly sessions on Sundays beginning at the 9:30AM Mass until 11:45AM. 2 absences will be allowed for illness, but important work will handshave to be made up. Students will also be required to complete community service.

hands prayerGrade 9 - Confirmation

Grade 9 Confirmation students attend 2 monthly Sunday sessions beginning at the 11:30AM Mass and ending at 1:45PM. Students are also required to complete community service, participate in a retreat, and attend a Confirmation rehearsal.

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